Writing a fun professional bio

The Best Brief Bio Contributor: Mike de Sousa Like most people, I find it difficult to write effectively about myself.

Writing a fun professional bio

Both of his parents were World War II veterans. Ventura has an older brother who served in the Vietnam War. Ventura has described himself as Slovak, since his father's parents were from what is now Slovakia ; his mother was of German descent. Roosevelt High School inducted Ventura into its first hall of fame in September According to Ventura, he was a full-patch member of the club and even third-in-command of his chapter, but he never had any problems with the authorities.

Shortly after that, the Mongols entered into open warfare with their biker rivals, the Hells Angels. He was a bodyguard for The Rolling Stones for a time, before he entered professional wrestling and adopted the wrestling name Jesse Ventura.

Much of his flamboyant persona was adapted from Superstar Billy Grahama charismatic and popular performer during the s. He claimed that the blood clots were a result of his exposure to Agent Orange during his time in Vietnam.

writing a fun professional bio

Often after their televised matches Ventura would taunt and challenge fellow commentator Bruno Sammartinobut nothing ever came of this. The tag match against the Hillbillies came about after Piper and Orton interrupted Elmer's wedding ceremony on the previous edition of the show; Ventura, who later claimed that he was under instruction from fellow commentator and WWF owner Vince McMahon to "bury them", insulted Elmer and his wife during commentary of what was a real wedding ceremony at the Meadowlands Arenaby proclaiming when they kissed: Ventura most notably co-hosted Saturday Night's Main Event with McMahon, the first six WrestleManias five of which were alongside Gorilla Monsoonand most of the WWF's pay-per-views at the time with Monsoon, with the lone exception for Ventura being the first SummerSlamin which Ventura served as the guest referee during the main event.

Ventura's entertaining commentary style was an extension of his wrestling persona, i. McMahon, who was always looking for ways of jazzing things up, came up with the idea of Ventura doing heel commentary at a time when most commentators, including McMahon himself, openly favored the fan favorites.

Occasionally he would even acknowledge mistakes made by the heels, including those made by his personal favorites such as Savage or wrestlers managed by heels Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart. Since they were both fan favorites, Ventura took a neutral position in his commentary, even praising Hogan's display of sportsmanship at the end of the match when he handed over the WWF Championship belt to the Warrior after he lost the title, stating that Hogan was going out like a true champion.

During the match, however, which was also the last match at Wrestlemania he called, Ventura did voice his pleasure when both broke the rules, at one point claiming, "This is what I like. Let the two goody two-shoes throw the rule book out and get nasty.

Hogan and Ventura were at one point close friends. The judgment was affirmed on appeal, and the case, [33] 65 F. On the March 20, episode of SmackDown! Alluding to the electionVentura boldly announced that "Inmaybe we oughta put a wrestler in the White House ".

After that, Sheamus attacked Cena and put him through a table. Ventura then made the match a Table match at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. During the show, for the first time in nearly 20 years, McMahon joined Ventura at ringside to provide match commentary together.How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Professional Bio.

This article was written in and remains one of our most popular posts. Tips for Writing a Great Bio. Jan 26,  · Your professional bio is, arguably, the most important piece of copy you’ll ever write about yourself.

It’s the first introduction to who you are, what you do and what you’re interested in. A surprisingly high number of people find this site after typing the phrase “how to write an actor’s bio” or “acting bio formats” into Google.

Writing About Yourself: The Best Brief Bio Contributor: Mike de Sousa Like most people, I find it difficult to write effectively about attheheels.com act of summarising a life in a few well chosen words is far more difficult than it might at first appear.

Bye-Bye Boring Bio shows solopreneurs -- coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and content experts -- how to transform boring bios from wallpaper to wow to .

In spite of the myriad ways to write a bio—from super serious to light and fun—fortunately, the standard ones all follow a similar format and are somewhat formulaic in their approach.

Check out the easy-to-follow template below for getting started on writing your own.

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