To sir with love review

Tristram Kenton for the Guardian The most moving part of the evening came at the curtain call.

To sir with love review

I too, but years and years ago.

To sir with love review

Sidney Poitier shines as he plays E. Rick Braithwaite, the black teacher of a class of white streetwise, ruffian youngsters, seniors in an East End London secondary school. These kids are poorly fed, clothed and housed. Their knowledge of academic subjects may be low, but they do have a knowledge that equips them to survive where they live.

It is after the Second World War, the s. The growing friendship, respect and trust between the kids and their teacher is one theme.

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The second and more important theme, particularly in the book, is racial and ethnic discrimination. Neither his color nor his ethnicity was of importance during the war, but after they certainly were.

Through this work the author is focusing attention on such hypocrisy and on racial and ethnic discrimination. He was born in Georgetown, British Guyana, in and died at the age of in !

The strength of this book lies in its message that the best means of fighting discrimination is through shared experiences between those who are different.

Having a close friend of a skin color, religion or ethnic background different from you own teaches more than book learning can ever accomplish. I liked that not only the kids grew wiser from their friendship with Braithwaite, but that also Braithwaite learned from his friendship with them.

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An interracial love affair carries the theme one step further. For much of the story the words of Braithwaite are formal, a bit stiff and detached. This loosens as one nears the end, when not only his students have warmed to him, but he too has come to feel great attachment for them.

To sir with love review

It is heartwarming when he begins to soften and melt. It is at the same time realistic that he never turns into a gushing pulp of emotion. The reading is clear and strong and easy to follow. He intones the female characters less well. For me, the performance is worth four stars. It does not matter that it is of its time; it still speaks to us of today.

It took me awhile to warm to it, but I did by the end.To Sir With Love is a good movie made excellent by a towering and sensitive performance from Sidney Poitier. Full Review. Boo Allen Denton Record-Chronicle. November 20, To Sir With Love 2 and the first one I believe is the best movie that was made.

It shows that kids and Adults can change and that, if everyone helps each other it will truly be a better place to live. Critics Consensus: While it's a bit dated and overly schmaltzy, To Sir, With Love remains compelling because of Sidney Poitier's outstanding performance -- and 92%.

To Sir, With Love is a timeless classic that underscores the resolve of a neophyte teacher who not only challenges the"great unwashed" of London's East End but who also motivates them to reach their unrealized potential. To Sir, with Love (), with neophyte high school teacher Sidney Poitier trying to bring order and inspiration to a classroom of rebellious teens from London's East End, is a .

To Sir, with Love () - To Sir, with Love () - User Reviews - IMDb

To Sir, With Love is often frowned upon nowadays due to its sentimentality. While not wholly condemned as a film, it is certainly regarded as the poor relation of Poitier's three works.

This is an unfair assessment of a movie that commits the only crime of having its heart on its sleeve. Customer reviews: To Sir, With Love