Thesis for abortion speech

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Thesis for abortion speech

A Necessity or a Convenience? What I would like to talk about today are cell phones and their role in our lives. Before I start off, I would like to ask everyone to turn their phones off—not just on a silent mode, but completely off—for the duration of my speech.

It will mean a lot to me to have all of your attention. Ever since the first hand-held mobile phone was presented by Motorola inthis handy gadget has firmly set itself in the hands of almost every American teenager, adult, and since recently, even children. It seems that in the race for the latest model of the iPhone or BlackBerrywe have forgotten that telephones were initially intended as a convenience, not a necessity.

How often do we actually use phones for talking these days? And we are not talking about the latest applications you have purchased to upgrade your favorite time-killer, but rather using your phone for the purpose it had been initially intended for: Apparently, there are thousands of people already diagnosed with the disorder and presumably millions more who are also suffering from it, without realizing the fact.

As a result, people make their lives dependent on a device, without realizing that it is an appliance that had been initially invented to make their lives simpler, not more complicated.

As neurologists have commented, cell phone addiction is forcing people to become dependent on their pricey new gadget and this distracts the victims of cell phones from living their life in working order. Instead of going out and meeting people we want to talk to, we send text messages, install Skype and social network applications on our brand new phones, and basically build our lives around this technology.

If one day all phones should instantly go off, there would no doubt be panic and chaos all over the world, except for those remote places where this technological advance has not yet gained that much popularity.

Nevertheless, while there are fewer and fewer such places in the world, people are getting more and more dependent on their cell phones—approximately 40 percent of all cell phone users have more than one mobile phone in use.

The situation is worsening every year, while electronic giants like Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Verizon, and others are launching new brilliant marketing campaigns trying to persuade us to purchase their latest telephone model that can become your life partner in any occupation and situation.

Except that, at some point, you might find yourself controlled by the device and desperately scared to take a step without it. What should be done now? I suggest reducing the time we spend with our favorite cell phones at least by half, for starters. Every time you think about downloading a new application, ask yourself whether it is a necessity or you can easily do without it.

Every time you catch yourself thinking you want the latest iPhone model, ask yourself what you need it for? Respect yourselves and value your time. When you think of how many hours per day you spend with your phones, and what you could have done instead in the real world, these time-eaters will seem like a malady.

But, they are just a device, a convenience we need to control our use of, in order not to let this appliance control us, our schedules, our leisure, our hobbies, and our entire lives.

I hope my speech gave you all some food for thought, and planted a seed of suspicion about whether our cell phones are truly that important and indispensable to us.

Thank you for the time you have dedicated to my speech with your cell phones off! I know it was tough for some of you, and I appreciate the effort.An abortion research paper belongs in the same shelf as a euthanasia essay, suicide and capital punishment deals with the question of how ethical we can be in deciding a human being’s basic right to life.

Normally, people regard the killing of another living soul with revulsion. A. Many people have not been educated to know what a partial birth abortion is.

Thesis for abortion speech

1. A partial birth abortion is a procedure done typically between 4 and 6 months of pregnancy, but is commonly done into the 9th month. (Shafer, ) 2. This transparency shows the procedure that takes place during a . Abortion has become a conflicting issue during past several years due to its tremendous rate of increase.

Many people have started speaking for it. It is a strong topic and you can write very effective persuasive essay on it.

Abortion Thesis Statement Examples: * The psychological and physiological dangers of unwanted pregnancies necessitate the legalization and easy availability of abortion facilities.

* The psychological and medical exigencies associated with an abortion necessitate the consent of a parent or guardian before a minor can undergo an abortion.

The abortion debate is raging in America.

Thesis for abortion speech

The opposing sides in the debate each strongly believe they are right. The pro-choice supporters see a woman's right to choose as central to the debate. The life of the baby is the most important concern of the pro-life advocates. Very little middle.

You are correct. I am using a reworded form of the SLED test. I was trained by Scott Klusendorf 13 years ago and I generally recommend his material. Scott is a theist but he nevertheless can make a strong secular case against abortion that has served as .

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