Stalin essay questions

Study Questions 1 Compare and contrast Napoleon and Snowball. What techniques do they use in their struggle for power?

Stalin essay questions

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Factors working against him- 1 He was arrogant and he treated other leading Bolsheviks with lack of respect. They were not convinced of his loyalty but in reality he was much too loyal and accepted decisions that he did not agree with because he did not want to damage the party.

He was also absent for crucial votes in the Politburo. He opposed the armed uprising in October and fell out with Lenin about the construction of the new government as he favoured socialist coalition.

He was not given a major post in the Sovnarkom but was made party secretary in Leningrad. This was an important position allowing him to build a strong power base. He was made chairman of the Cominterm.

He was a good orator but not an intellectual. He was not that popular. He was a close collaborator with Lenin abroad. Lenin regarded him as able and reliable.

He was Party Secretary in Moscow and later Commissar for Foreign Trade, bringing him into the Politburo and in a position to challenge for the leadership.

He was moderate, liked and well regarded, but he was too soft to become a real leader. He was an important theorist and a major figure in the party before He was not a full member of the Politburo until He was intellectually inquisitive, and liked by the whole party.

He could argue his points fiercely, especially on the NEP. He was not politically cunning as was Stalin. He was outspoken, frank, and direct, not endearing himself to his colleagues.

He was statesmanlike, but a notorious drinker. He was one of the few genuine workers in the party leadership; fighting hard for trade union rights and he opposed Lenin in the trade union debate of Main Issues in the Leadership Struggle 1 The nature of the leadership.

Some party members wanted collective leadership or rule by committee. They feared a dictator could emerge to take control of the centralized state which had developed by They feared Trotsky as he was in a powerful position as commander of the Red Army.

They therefore could not afford a leader who might cause splits amongst the party and it was Trotsky who they feared might do this. The issue that was debated was how the economy should be run.

Stalin essay questions

They agreed that by industrialization they would create a large class of proletarian workers which would help the road to socialism. The NEP was hindering the progress to socialism as it was intensifying the difference between rich and poor as well as leading to gambling and prostitution.

Also after there were serious problems. They could not agree from where the resources to carry on industry which had reached its pre- level would come from. There was unemployment amongst workers.English Essay Question-How important is knowledge of the Russian Revolution have a solid understanding of Animal Farm?

The whole point of Orwell's 'Animal Farm' is to portray by means of a fable-allegory the events leading up to and following the Russian Revolution. Stalin Essay Totalitarianism refers to a government that takes centralized and total state control over every aspect of private and public life.

Totalitarian leaders emerge to provide a course for the future and an awareness of security. May 13,  · Topics: Leon Trotsky, Soviet Union, In this essay I will discuss whether Stalin's position as General Secretary was the most important factor in his seize of power.

Free Cisco CCNP Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH v) Exam Questions & Dumps. % Free ETE Files With Updated and Accurate Questions & Answers From PrepAway. Complete Video Training Courses & Practice Test PDF Questions For Passing Exam Quickly. Stalin, Joseph essaysJoseph Stalin was the soviet communist leader who's passing molded an era, and whose iron rule determined the lives of millions of people.

Considering that he shaped the direction of post-World War II Europe, we may regard him as the most powerful person to live during the.

In a country full of chaos, a great leader is needed to restore order. In Russia’s case, that leader was Joseph Stalin. After Lenin’s death, Stalin controlled the communist party in

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