Review of the world is flat

The World is Not Flat Precis: A big project was started in the post-war world to let countries grow and prosper and compete without using wars to do so. That was the project of globalization. A sub- or lead-project under that was the European Union.

Review of the world is flat

November 27, Asad Zaman Leave a comment from Asad Zaman and the current issue of RWER The outcome of all this discussion can be summarized metaphorically by saying that we all use glasses to see the world. The direct world out there is a jumble of sensations — a matrix of points — which makes no sense by itself, and must be interpreted using our own frameworks, represented by the glasses.

Contact FLAT WORLD See Article History Skyscraper, very tall, multistoried building. The name first came into use during the s, shortly after the first skyscrapers were built, in the United States.
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This means that ALL observations are tinged with subjectivity, and interpreted within the frameworks created by our past experiences, successes and failures, in viewing the world. A paradigm shift occurs if we remove the glasses we use to view the world, and instead put on a different pair of glasses.

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It caused extreme disorientation and discomfort at first, but after about a week of stumbling around, he adapted to this new way of seeing the world. His subjective interpretative equipment learned to interpret the reversed image by performing an additional reversal within the brain to arrive at a correct image of the world.

Review of the world is flat

Now, when the glasses were removed, the world appeared to be upside down to Ivo. On a much larger scale, this is what happened in Europe due to the Great Transformation [1] which transformed traditional society to a market society, where everything is viewed a commodity for sale.

Later, these ways of thinking were spread throughout the world by colonization and Western education. We learned to value everything according to its market price, and forgot that the most precious things cannot be purchased. Then it became easy to kill a million children, and destroy entire nations, for corporate profits.

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Skyscraper, very tall, multistoried name first came into use during the s, shortly after the first skyscrapers were built, in the United development of skyscrapers came as a result of the coincidence of several technological and social developments. Thomas Friedman is the "Foreign Affairs" columnist for The New York are links to articles and other content on their site (registration required).

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