Novel catch us if you can

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Novel catch us if you can

It is a warm and interesting novel which revolves around the theme of love and care among people. This novel is one of the necessary components in SPM English. It is to be answered in Section D: SPM Paper 2 and allocates a generous amount of 15 marks. The story is about Rory and his grandfather, Granda.

They live in a small flat. Rory is a filial grandson. He sacrifices a lot to take care of his Granda. He gives up football to spend time with Granda and always buy lunch for him after school too. This is all because Granda is getting old and forgetful! One time, Granda accidentally sets fire to himself after forgetting to put off his pipe.

One day, the unwanted thing happens. Granda set fire to their flat while trying to cook. When this happen, Rory and Granda become very sad.

Novel catch us if you can

So, he plans the Great Escape with Granda. The police starts searching for them and they appear on national news!

Novel catch us if you can

From then onward, Rory and Granda starts running away and meet many good and kind-hearted people who help them. During the escape, Rory learns many new things about Granda and they go through adventurous journey together. Rory learns that his father is currently in Liverpool but he knows Granda will not want to meet him.

Granda is still angry at his father for leaving them. Thus, with the help of Rab, a friend Rory meets on the Great Escape, he quietly plans their journey to Liverpool. One night, Rory and Granda has to run away because the police is coming after them.

They run in the cold night and sleep at a bus shelter. When Rory wakes up, he tries to wake Granda up but fail. He is afraid Granda might be dead.

So, Rory runs around looking for help. The truth is, he has been searching for Rory and Granda since the first time he heard about them on national news. After that incident, Granda is sent to the hospital and recovers with good health.

At last, their Great Escape has led them to a new and better life as a family.catch us if you can novel Author’s background Catherine MacPhail (born 25 January , Greenock) is a Scottish-born author, who has an established reputation as a writer of gritty, urban stories that tackle emotional and contemporary issues that eventually work towards a positive solution.

Catch Us If You Can has ratings and 23 reviews. Yin Chien said: This book is a (must-read) literature component for Form 5 students. Actually, I was /5. In the novel, Catch Us If You Can, the character who I dislike is Granda. Although Granda took good care of his grandson, Rory, when he was young I do not think it is fair of him to expect Rory to take care of him now.

“Anytime a novel makes me tear up, laugh out loud, or put my hand against my chest because the romance is just that good, I tend to give it a big thumb’s a Falling Star had me doing all three!It pulled me in, kept me reading well past my bedtime, and left me eager for more from this talented author.

Catch Us If You Can - Synopsis Catch Us If You Can is a novel written by Catherine MacPhail. It is a warm and interesting novel which revolves around the theme of love and care among people.

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