Monogram paper

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Monogram paper

Paper plate Rounded tools of various diameters -- needles, toothpicks, skewers, pens, etc Since Kara gives a great tutorial, I won't go step-by-step, but I will give you some information and tips I discovered along with some fun and only occasionally relevant photos I have been doing filled-in monograms because I like having an outline.

It's easier for me to fill something in than create something from scratch. Print your monogram outline in the center of your paper in a very light gray. Some fonts have curves that are difficult to make with paper, and if your outline is barely visible, you won't feel as bad for going off the outline.

Just be sure that all of your strips are the same width -- you can see here that some of mine were thicker and it bothers me -- look at how much taller the yellow curl is than the green outline! Kara says she brushed a thin layer of ModPodge on the bottom of her curled strips, but we found it was easier to spread a thin layer of ModPodge on a paper plate and then dip the very edge of the curled strip in the ModPodge.

And try to use the glue sparingly -- smudges will show a little bit and too much ModPodge can make your base cardstock or your curled strips warp from the moisture, so that your base and your letter have a gap between them.

True quillers don't actually glue their curls to a base, only to each other Yeah, I'm not that dedicated, either. Nope, not your brows -- your curls! The curls are so thin and often need to be placed with such precision that even the smallest and nimblest fingers feel clumsy.

You'll want your tweezers, especially for those tiny little curls that looks so cute all grouped together. Kara just curled her paper with her fingers, but I prefer using tools. Various diameters give you different sized curls: For tighter curls, wrap the paper tighter and for looser curls, looser.

I also loosened some of my curls and stretched them out a bit by gently running the tool that I curled them between the the layers of curls to gradually expand the diameter of the curl.

It also helped me to give the whole paper strip a little curve by running my fingers down it -- think of curling ribbon -- before I started the hard-core curling. If you need a tighter curve, use one of your tools to create it. Do your best to have your paper curved exactly how you want it so that it fits the shape naturally, before you glue it.

This is especially important when you are crossing the outline or another strip of paper and want your curve to look continuous even though you'll have two or more separate pieces of it.

If you have a continuous curve to begin with and then just cut it, it's easier to have it look more natural. Having to reposition the paper when it's glued or forcing it somewhere else takes away from the natural curled look and can make it look too angular or just "wrong.

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Monogram paper

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Monogram paper

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