How to write a winning position paper for muncie

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How to write a winning position paper for muncie

His father's family had founded Goldwater'sa leading upscale department store in Phoenix. Soon after arriving in London, he anglicized his name from "Goldwasser" to "Goldwater.

Goldwater graduated from Staunton Military Academyan elite private school in Virginia, and attended the University of Arizona [11] [15] for one year, where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Barry had never been close to his father, but he took over the family business after Baron's death in He became a Republican in a heavily Democratic statepromoted innovative business practices, and opposed the New Dealespecially because it fostered labor unions.

Goldwater came to know former President Herbert Hooverwhose conservative politics he admired greatly. Family[ edit ] Inhe married Margaret "Peggy" Johnson, daughter of a prominent industrialist from Muncie, Indiana.

They had four children: Goldwater became a widower inand in he married Susan Wechsler, a nurse 32 years his junior.

how to write a winning position paper for muncie

Goldwater's uncle Morris Goldwater — was an Arizona territorial and state legislator, mayor of Prescott, Arizonaand a businessman. He became a pilot assigned to the Ferry Command, a newly formed unit that flew aircraft and supplies to war zones worldwide.

He spent most of the war flying between the U. He also flew "the hump" over the Himalayas to deliver supplies to the Republic of China. The visitor center at the Academy is now named in his honor. As a colonel he also founded the Arizona Air National Guardand he would desegregate it two years before the rest of the U.

Goldwater was instrumental in pushing the Pentagon to support desegregation of the armed services. As an Air Force Reserve major general, he continued piloting aircraft, to include the B Stratofortressuntil late in his military career. As ofas a U.

Senator, Goldwater had a sign in his office that referenced his military career and mindset: His parents strongly encouraged him to compete in these sports, to Goldwater's dismay. He often went by the nickname of "Rolling Thunder.

Political career[ edit ] In a heavily Democratic state, Goldwater became a conservative Republican and a friend of Herbert Hoover.

He was outspoken against New Deal liberalismespecially its close ties to labor unions he considered corrupt. A pilot, active amateur radio operator, outdoorsman and photographer, he criss-crossed Arizona and developed a deep interest in both the natural and the human history of the state.

how to write a winning position paper for muncie

He entered Phoenix politics inwhen he was elected to the City Council as part of a nonpartisan team of candidates pledged to clean up widespread prostitution and gambling. The team won every mayoral and council election for the next two decades. Goldwater rebuilt the weak Republican party and was instrumental in electing Howard Pyle as Governor in Senator[ edit ] As a Republican he won a seat in the U.

He won largely by defeating McFarland in his native Maricopa County by 12, votes, almost double the overall margin of 6, votes. As a measure of how Democratic Arizona had been since joining the Union 40 years earlier, Goldwater was only the second Republican ever to represent Arizona in the Senate.

In his first year in the Senate he desegregated the Senate cafeteria, insisting that his black legislative assistant, Kathrine Maxwell, be served along with every other Senate employee.

Goldwater's victory was all the more remarkable since it came in a year the Democrats gained 13 seats in the Senate. He gave up re-election for the Senate in in favor of his presidential campaign.

During his Senate career, Goldwater was regarded as the "Grand Old Man of the Republican Party and one of the nation's most respected exponents of conservatism. Democrats delighted in pointing out that the junior senator was so headstrong that he had gone out his way to criticize the president of his own party.

He accused the Eisenhower administration of violating the Constitution by assuming powers reserved by the states.

While he agreed that under the law, every state should have integrated its schools, each state should integrate in its own way. His main rival was New York Governor Nelson Rockefellerwhom he defeated by a narrow margin in the California primary. Eisenhower gave his support to Goldwater when he told reporters, "I personally believe that Goldwater is not an extremist as some people have made him, but in any event we're all Republicans.

He delivered a captivating acceptance speech, to which "he devoted more care And with good reason: No other statement of the s and s, including The Conscience of a Conservative, presents more truly Barry Goldwater's basic beliefs and his positions on current issues.

Johnson with Senator Goldwater, January 16, U.6 essential elements for a winning business case The vast majority of unsuccessful projects fail not because of poor project management, but because of poor decisions with respect to the choice of.

Apr 04,  · Regardless of the APA’s (American Psychological Association) position on climate change (and I can’t say that I thoroughly waded through all the position paper referenced above), an ethics complaint to the APA may still be in order.

May, Ball State University Muncie, IN --f~ __ Abstract J was mesmerized by the way in which an author could write a book about the life of someone so seemingly different than I was and yet make the work relevant to my own experiences.

In fact, this was an idea that I was familiar with only from lectures In this paper, I will show. Sep 17,  · Learn how to prepare an oral presentation of your research! For more tips and advice visit How to Write a Position Paper.

MUN position papers, also known as policy papers, are usually one page per topic, very important although not required by every conference.

A good position paper will show your chairs, and fellow delegates, that you have a good understanding of the topic, your country's experience with the topic and the policies. By TPII editor extraordinaire, Verena Hutter ~This is a continuation of our series on the Academic Cover Letter.~ After you’ve outlined your publications and .

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