General paper essays on sports

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General paper essays on sports

Commercialisation will be the death of sport. There is no absolute relationship between shampoo and a soccer player. Drinking beer has nothing to do with watching a soccer match. Yet, we always have the impression of men watching soccer with Carlsberg mugs in their hands and the image that soccer players use an expensive brand of shampoo to suit their status.

The association of these products with sports is a result of commercialisation. Commercialisation, in this case, of sports started decades ago but it is only in the recent years that commercialisation of sports is becoming more evident, with new technology which are able to connect the world more effectively.

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It is hard for an athlete to resist a million dollar contract in exchange for just posing with a certain product for some shots. On top of that, sponsors are needed for major sporting events like the Olympics.

However, it is also true that such commercialisation of sports could kill it, making sports not a means to achieve physical and mental excellence in a certain game or event but as a way to attain fame and riches.

There is a trend that the breaking of world records in the Olympic games have slowed after the late s, however, there is a need to generate attention so that people will be awed by the athletic performance of the participants, so that they would become idols and heroes of the masses and with the fame, clinch deals that are worth a hundred times a regular person can earn in their lifetime.

InMichael Phelps won 8 medals with the help of the highly advanced swimsuit.

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In fact, 21 out of the 22 medals won were the result of the high-tech suit. With these in place, it is no surprise that there is a surge of records in the Beijing Olympics. The need to win drives the athletes to look for alternative methods to enhance their performance.

This reliance on technology has caused sports to lose its original function, to attain the highest of human performance.

Likewise, the greed, the temptation which drove them to depend on the technology has caused sports to fail as a result of commercialisation. The income for these professionals with passion for the sport may be only equivalent to that of a regular office worker unless he achieved fame or clinched some medals.

In this realistic world, it may be insufficient for the passion to keep the athletes going as they have to feed themselves and to provide for their families.

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Hence, commercialisation, the trading of sport and its commodities could be a good way to retain these talents in the field and may not necessarily cause to death of sport. Commercialisation also spreads and promotes certain sports to the world, showcasing the best of our species by letting them appear on shirts and talk shows.

For example, many western sports are introduced into Asia with commercialisation. The products and merchandise of sporting teams which become increasingly popular helped to promote the sport and others who aspires to be like them may take on the sport, developing their innate potentials.

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Many famous athletes started off by being a fan of famous athletes and train to become like them. Ronaldo of the Brazil team for example, treated Pele, a retired player of the Brazilian soccer team as his idol and aspiration to become a great player. Hence, commercialisation could also work hand-in-hand with the industries such that it both provide revenue for them and promote sports.General Paper.

A compilation of essays, opinions and news articles. The following essay questions are adapted from “KS Bull Issue 2”: “The government always acts in the interest of the people.” Discuss. “Sports stars are paid too much for their talent.” Do you agree?

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General paper essays on sports

Thesis: Competitive swimming is a great alternative to other youth sports. Body Paragraph 1. Introduce your primary persuasive argument and provide supporting details. TUMWATER — If you looked at the first half stats in a proverbial vacuum it would be easy to assume that Onalaska ran away with the game early here Saturday night.

Free psychology movie review papers, essays, and research papers. guide to general paper. Welcome Essay Writing Topic Areas Activities Contact Chapter 6 Sports Chapter 6 touches on Sports and Sports-related issues. Sport today does not only refer to activities where the physical capabilities of a person are put to the test.

Sports is now also related to other issues like celebrity status, wealth, health and.

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