Gender dynamics within iran offside

Rani is a girl in her 20s, equipped with an English education and brought up conforming to the traditional values of Indian women.

Gender dynamics within iran offside

These themes do not live in a textual or film related vacuum, but rather offer major implications on given Middle Eastern cultures. In the fictional film Offside, directed by Jafar Panahi, he decides to zero in on the complex culture within Iran.

He illustrates the culture within Iran by employing the World Cup qualifying soccer match between Iran and Bahrain as a metaphor of the various social dynamics attached to this sporting event and the country as a whole. Tell us what you need to have done now!

In this paper, however, I will primarily address the theme regarding gender issues and briefly cover the existence of a generational gap within Iran.

While on the bus, she is attempting be extremely inconspicuous because post-Islamic Revolution Iranian policy does not allow for women to attend soccer matches. This statute is based on the grounds of women not being fit to observe the rowdy behavior, profane language, and informal attire exhibited by men at these events.

After arriving at the stadium, she buys a Gender dynamics within iran offside from someone selling an assortment of items outside the venue. Discrimination is immediately evident when she has to pay for an tomans ticket and tomans poster directly after she sees a man buy only a ticket for Just tomans.

Her disguise is then snuffed out by a soldier soon after she passes the gates and enters the stadium.

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The girl is then taken to a section of the stadium where the field is not visible and there are five other adolescent girls who also got caught. These girls are barricaded by gates and supervised by soldiers.

One of the woman asks the soldier, who seems to be in a leadership position, why they cannot enter the stadium. The girls in this film challenge that premise as they are Just as engaged, knowledgable, and excited as it pertains to the soccer match.

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Despite not being able to actually watch the game, the girls are able to hear the pandemonium from the match. Furthermore, the girls are somewhat relished by the informal commentating done by a soldier during parts of the game.

When doing so, the viewer can tell that the girls are actually invested into this match as they follow up the soldier with various questions regarding the plays happening and the players competing.

Not only does this scene portray the genuine interest of the girls with the match, but also the leniency of the soldiers supervising them. The soldier clearly was detainment more comfortable.

Although the soldiers were not particularly polite, they still had the power to treat the women much worse by physically harming them, not commentating, prohibiting bathroom use, etc.

The belief amongst some of the non-military men in this film seems to suggest the young women would endure severe consequences for sneaking into the match, which did not happen at all. For instance, the man on the minibus vehemently warns the irl about getting caught at the stadium and tries to help her as he seems to be legitimately worried for her wellbeing.

This implies the public perception of the militarys enforcement of this law is extremely strict and violating it is very much unsafe. However, the actions of the soldiers in their treatment of the girls suggests otherwise.

At the end of the movie, the girls and soldiers are celebrating with all the Iranian people in the streets after the huge win, which provides the notion that these young women got off scot-free. Perhaps Panahi is symbolizing fear tactics practiced by the government in order to promote law abiding citizens.

More than detaining these girls, he is concerned with moving back to his village and taking care of his family. The soldiers at the game who enforce the policy do not personally seem supportive of it. Rather, it appears the soldiers Just want to appease their chief by holding these girls as opposed to actually understanding and being a proponent of this segregation law.

In addition to the gender issue Offside depicts, it also presents the issue of there being a generational gap amongst Iranians in regards to their ideals.To this end, the analysis that follows does not focus on football in Iran per se, but attends to the specificities of gender relations in Iran in order to consider how the cinematic rendering of non-Western female sports fans in Offside might be understood beyond the reductive binary categories of “global victims” or “powerful women” (Mohanty, , p.


Gender dynamics within iran offside

Fandom: Gender, Resistance, and Identity in the Football Movie Offside Kim Toffoletti1 masculinity and football in Iran, and confounds the oppositional construction of the In addition, transnational feminist theory exposes the dynamics of knowledge and.

Gender Inequality Essay. Gender Inequality The issue of gender inequality is one which has been publicly reverberating through society for decades. The problem of inequality in employment being one of the most pressing issues today. Gender Dynamics Within Iran — Offside Film Essay; History and Development of Policies on Gender Issues.

The Basseri people of Iran are a nomadic group of people that inhibit the mountainous regions of southern Iran. Like many other nomadic tribes in the Middle East, theirs is a rich history that at times has involved persecution and forced change by foreign invaders, religious rule, domestic oppression.

Sep 12,  · Offside's writer/director/producer is Jafar Panahi, whose major theme is cultural and institutional discrimination within the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Panahi took a leaf out of the life of Luis Bunuel and got his start as a filmmaker by calling his idol, . The Gender Dynamics Within Iran Throughout the various texts and films we observed this semester, there were a multitude of underlying themes associated with each.

These themes do not live in a textual or film related vacuum, but rather offer major implications on given Middle Eastern cultures.

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