Fce writing topics

First exam also known as the First Certicate in Englishyou may need to write a story in the Writing paper. You have been asked to submit a story for your college magazine words. The story should end with the following sentence: We were out on the lake that day, making funny faces at each other.

Fce writing topics

Although In spite of the fact that. Have you answered the question completely? Have students complete step 1 in pairs: Have students complete step 2 as a CAE speaking part 3 task.

Fce writing topics

Draw a spider diagram on the board. In the middle write: On the 3 spokes write the three bullet points: Convenience, cost and enjoyment. Hold a plenary session and board all the students ideas in note form. Then put them in pairs to complete the next step: Brainstorming impressive grammar structures to use.

Fce writing topics

When shopping online not only do you avoid paying parking fees, but also crowds of people. Having shopped both online and in stores, I would say that…. Linkers activity Give out 1 copy of the third page of the handout to each student and have them complete it in pairs. Pimp my paragraph Either hand out the paragraph upgrade sheet out or project it on to the board.

Students must upgrade the language in the paragraph to make it more impressive and more formal. I got these great phrases from another handout I found on the internet: More and more families are choosing to have only one child.

The trend nowadays is towards having smaller families.

Speaking sample tasks

Over the past ten years or so the media have frequently carried reports of …………… Recent research indicates that the number of teenagers who smoke is increasing. Hardly a week goes by without another report of …………….

This raises the issue of whether ……………. Although most people would generally agree that …………… few would deny that …………….• Basics of essay writing with examples and explanations • Free essay assessment service — I will check your IELTS or CAE writing IELTS and CAE practice tests are complete with answers, commentaries and short vocabulary lists.

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Learn fce writing with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of fce writing flashcards on Quizlet. CAE Writing Part 1: A Formal Essay. This is a lesson plan to help students approach and complete the new formal essay task in the CAE writing paper.

You will need the handout and teacher’s key: CAE Writing Part 1 handout. Brainstorm ideas based on the 3 bullet points.

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To honor this piece coming to San Diego (which will be at the Museum of Art until March 10) we are offering an IELTS Writing Prompt Task 2 based on the topic of museums and art. IELTS Writing Sample Prompt. Before you begin writing, here is a quick overview of the IELTS Writing Test.

Nov 11,  · FCE Writing; Friday, November 11, Writing a Report 3 Look at this task: You would need to interview, say, ten people in each category on the main topics of public transport, entertainment, and shopping and write me a brief report.

Could you also include a short introduction about your town and give a little summing up at.

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