Essays analysis of the hollywood studio system

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Essays analysis of the hollywood studio system

Some background The Classical Hollywood Cinema went through two major phases of development. Kristin and David had been thinking about a project on Hollywood film style for a while.

Janet, who had for a seminar with Douglas Gomery written a paper on early screenwriting and division of labor, joined them in the runup to her Ph.

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That summer all three of us went to Washington to watch films and do research. Janet spent the rest of and the calendar year at her home in Cleveland doing research and writing. David and Kristin bounced around more. After returning to Madison in the spring ofthey went to Los Angeles for a long stretch of the summer enjoying the unstinting hospitality of Ed Branigan and Roberta Kimmel.

Fall and spring — they were teaching at the University of Iowa. Janet defended her dissertation in May of We finished a page version of the manuscript and sent it to Princeton University Press. Joanna Hitchcock, then Film editor at Princeton, was a strong backer of the book, but the first readers recommended rejection and they were readers we had picked!

Even with two more favorable readings, the project was unlikely to get through the Press committee. After the initial rejection, we set about looking for other publishers.

Those whom we approached, including Columbia University Press, declined, usually on grounds of length. In response, we did cut about pages, but the manuscript was still vast.

Both the UK and US editions came out in the spring ofsome four years after we had finished our initial draft. Some basic questions Here is the opening of our book proposal. What we propose is not another study of an outstanding individual, a trend, or a genre.

The Classical Hollywood Cinema analyzes the broad and basic conditions of American cinema as a historical institution. This project explores the common idea that Hollywood filmmaking constitutes both an art and an industry.

We examine the artistic uniqueness and the mass-production aspects of the American studio cinema.

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Moreover, we show how these two features fundamentally depend on one another. On the one hand, this cinema displays a unique use of the film medium, a specific style. This makes Hollywood cinema amenable to being considered a group style, comparable to Viennese classical music of the eighteenth century or Parisian cubist painting of the early twentieth.

Essays analysis of the hollywood studio system

On the other hand, we can see the specific business practices of the Hollywood industry as initiating and sustaining its distinct film style.

The history of Hollywood is thus the coalescence and continuation of a film style whose supremacy was created and maintained by a particular economic mode of film production. More specifically, The Classical Hollywood Cinema addresses four questions:Most important essays for css dissertation critical evaluation of a research peer review editing sheet for argumentative essay vodafone top digital essay fuzzy wuzzy kipling analysis essay unionistisch federalisme dissertation.

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The Hollywood studio system's grand demise occurred during the time between the Great Depression and U.S. entry into World War II.

Essays analysis of the hollywood studio system

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Ironically, the fall of the Studio System began with the reason for its accession. War brought people to theatres, and war became its undoing. After World War II legal, technological and social developments converged on the Hollywood film industry, undermining the economic foundation of the studio system.

Hollywood Studio System Essay