Econ103 end term paper

Some background in probability and statistics will be helpful.

Econ103 end term paper

A freindly, warm, comfortable environment would be helpful. They do not get enough copies of popular books. Plus, the main library is a depressing place to have to spend much time.

I love our library system, but I don't really trust it anymore to accurately keep track of its holdings or to record my returns accurately. The photocopying of articles from Inter-Library loan takes too long and the progress is not trackable. People shouldn't need to take a course to be able to use them.

I don't like the loan period -- in a doctoral program I often need things for longer periods of time -- especially the interlibrary loan materials. I dislike that the system does not allow me to pick one of my two compus Page 1 of addresses for delivery.

I know this can't be changed thouth The undergrad library does not subject students to a search so why are graduate students subjected to this?

Econ103 end term paper

I have been treated very rudely by some people on my way out of the stacks at times, people going through my stuff Econ103 end term paper reasonable cause i. Access is already limited to the main stacks, there is no reason to subject graduate students and faculty to this search.

It is time that I could be researching rather than walking from library to library. I was so surprised when a staff at the circulation desk asked me to open my bag before I left that library On April But he pointed a notice on the library wall, which said that's the policy in that library.

I really hate this! I do not use the telnet interface search unless I have to. It is difficult for me to find the resources I want on that.

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The other day I think I filled out an electronic request for interlibrary loan, but I'm not sure Good think I didn't need that article that bad.

However many times the computer shows that U of I does have the journals? They can never be found on the shelves and the library staff responds "I don't know. You'll just have to keep coming back and looking for the journal.

I feel Undergrad is run down and needs some work myself. Especially when you compare it to some of the other college libraries around campus.

I hate standing there for 10 minutes watching staff cutting pieces of paper on the paper cutter how much does it really matter what size and how neat they are?

When they finally decide that stamping and cutting is complete, being greeted rudely and with assumptions about what I want.

Econ103 end term paper

This is usually an assumption that I paged a book from stx that is not ready yet, when in fact I have ILL books to pick up. I do a lot of copying and it's a real pain that only one copier reduces. It's just a way to make the user pay more. Also, the condition of the microfilm and fiche readers in this library is a real crying shame.

The newspaper library has the best selection, but even that is a real mess. The library needs to get more of those. There's a lot of stuff that will never go on line cuz it's so obscure and so these readers will always be needed, so make them better.

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I regularly go to libraries after one lit search! The Java menu serving as navigation is awful and should be gotten rid of entirely. The appearance of the site as well as the navigation need improvement, the catalog included. It would also be helpful to include more maps, like the floorplan of the main library for easier finding of the libraries within it.

As an animal science major, many journal articles that I need for research are located at vet med. Often times, I do not realize that I need a particular journal from vet med until it is too late to call and gain access to the building. Page 3 of partial journal collections: For example, I'll have to photocopy something on reserve in the undergrad, then get something from the main stacks, then run up to the English library to check out more items.If you haveany questions, please call Student Ac-counts at or toll free atTuition payment is due by the end ofthe first week of term, whether a stu-dent receives a bill or credit is given for a terms work nor adegree conferred until all .

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