Cssrewrite assetic symfony2 oauth

Symfony, known as a stable and powerful development environment, can be used to create a wide range of Web projects.

Cssrewrite assetic symfony2 oauth

Is there nothing we can do? Reason 1 to use Assetic was because of its filters, like cssrewrite. It also has filters to minify assets. Your best option is to use a binary called uglifycss through Assetic.

Very Rebel hipster of us. First, create a nearly empty package. It also updated our package.


Another developer on the project only needs to run npm install to download uglify. Configure the filter in config. Basically, add an uglifycss filter and point it to where the new executable lives: To actually use uglify, add it to the stylesheets block: And when we look at one of the CSS files, no more nasty whitespace.

Our browser thinks that every style is coming from line 1 of these files Good luck frontend people! Really, I want the uglifycss filter to only run in the prod environment. We can do just this by adding a? Now switch over to the prod environment, clear your cache and re-dump the assets: Even the minification is the same, except that the library is called uglify-js.

In other words, you now know pretty much everything you need to about Assetic. Ok, back to work!


There is no need of a 'jsrewrite' filter or sort. With the uglifyjs is enough, I only want one compress js file on my production environment. Ideally, you shouldn't have the same problem in JS: What would be the equivalent for javascripts?La fase de creación de usuarios para Oauth he conseguido completarla con la creación de un usuario y sus correspondientes datos de RefreshToken, AccessToken y AuthCode.

AFNetworking Extension for OAuth 2 Authentication. APNs. 1 0. Apple Push Notification Service Component. Arraysort-Challenge. 1 0. assetic. 1 [Symfony2] A pretty nice way to expose your translation messages to your JavaScript.

Boomgo. 1 Lightweight . Using LESS can save you a lot of time when developing websites. This tutorial is to show you how to add LESS support to your Symfony2 project, and integrate it with Assetic. Symfony has two systems for managing frontend assets: The assets system, and the assetic system.

The assets system is the original system for managing frontend assets in Symfony. It gives you the ability to create asset links from templates, as well as include your asset files in your bundle. Scaling Vertically.

Bigger, faster hardware. Think IBM mainframes. Easier if your architecture wasn't build to scale. Quickly gets very very expensive.

cssrewrite assetic symfony2 oauth

HWIOAuthBundle - OAuth client integration. Supports both OAutha and OAuth2. Supports both OAutha and OAuth2. JmikolaAutoLoginBundle - This bundle integrates the AutoLogin library with Symfony2, which implements a security firewall listener to .

How to Authenticate Users with API Keys (Symfony Docs)