Copenhagen university master thesis pdf

You are welcome to contact the author if you have further questions regarding a specific thesis. Chronic toxicity of silver nanoparticles to Daphnia magna under different feeding conditions Author: Aiga Mackevica aima env. Ecotoxicity of nanoparticles has been an emerging issue in recent years, which is why it is necessary to evaluate the effects of nanoparticle exposure to the aquatic environment.

Copenhagen university master thesis pdf

A draft thesis proposal must be presented by the applicant in order for the application for the MDMa to be considered. We therefore urge you to be careful when formulating your proposal.

HOW is a draft thesis designed The working title could be something like: Explain the objective s of the study. Old retrospective or new prospective ; quantitative statistics, simple questionnaires, etc.

copenhagen university master thesis pdf

If you are not familiar with the field of disaster management, this may require some literature search and reading.

Remember to refer to relevant literature. Indicate whether the proposal may need acceptance from authorities, people, or patients. Useful Hints It is recommended that you select a subject in which you may already have collected some data, or that you use a concrete example of a Disaster-related problem which you have worked with.

If you are short of ideas, do not panic, but think of the disaster problems in your area of the world, including problems related to management. Remember The draft thesis proposal is, like it says, a draft.

This means, that while it should reflect that you are able to put together a suggestion for a viable research topic and how to approach the project, most of the draft thesis proposals we receive need to be revised to some degree — and that is fine.

During your studies at the MDMa programme, you will be given tools and guidance on how to narrow down your topic, choose the right methods, etc.

Therefore, the draft thesis proposal is primarily meant to be a help to design your study optimally and you are allowed to change your thesis topic after embarking on your MDMa studies.

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You can decide to change the subject of your thesis during the first semester in the programme and do not necessarily have to stick to the proposal you hand in as part of your application.

If you are a sponsored student we will advise you to discuss with your sponsor whether you should write your thesis within a specific field.

Please note that expenses related to draft thesis work are not covered by the course fee. Plagiarism The University of Copenhagen, with its commitment to high standards of academic integrity, regards plagiarism as a very serious offence.

Students who practice plagiarism may be expelled.UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY. Master Thesis Department of Pharmacy, October Photo: Maj-Britt Winther.

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3 University of Copenhagen · Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology Master Thesis - Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences university of copenhagen. Copenhagen university master thesis proposal As being a student of internet sources Disaster Management programme, you’re needed to submit one further thesis to .

Master's Programmes; PhD Programmes; Continuing Education; Online Courses; Research. Submitting your thesis – University of Copenhagen. Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences Hop til / Skip to: Minimize it by compressing any images or submit the co-authorship declarations in a separate PDF.

Printing the thesis. 3 University of Copenhagen · Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology Master Thesis - Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology. Masters Thesis. The thesis work has an extent of 30 ECTS. You perform your thesis work during the fourth semester while enrolled at your host university.

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