Cartoons cereal a music analysis

It's up to us to develop the sensitivity to pick up on it. Pedantry can be the enemy of insight.

Cartoons cereal a music analysis

Hot Tamale Monster Movie Madness! Jamal the Funny Frog: Vegetation A Kid's Life: A Lighter Shade of Danger!

A Date with Danger! The title character of the Dan Danger shorts keeps on having to learn not to be a wimpy coward.

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Every time he resolves to be braver from now on, he gets back to being easily frightened by the most trivial things. Some shorts feature characters whose names are alliterations.

They both address each other as "P. Hot Tamale Monster Movie Madness". The lead singer of the titular insect rock band in "The Feelers" is named Mitzi Moth.

The short "Hey Look" is an adaptation of a series of comic strips of the same name that Harvey Kurtzman made in the 's. Super Santa depicts Santa Claus as a superhero. Super Santa and Emma Claus both fight crime. Believing Their Own Lies: Edward from the short "Ask Edward: All About Babies" tells a big lie to his brother about babies coming from eggs laid by the Delivery Stork at the North Pole, but ends up actually believing it when they find an egg near the house after Edward claimed it was impossible for their parents to have another baby.

Frank is shown to be very loyal and friendly to his master. Jamal the Funny Frog's little sister Polly is able to speak in complete sentences even though she's a tadpole. Pooch in "What is Funny? At the end of The F-Tales, Chicken Little turns out to be right about the sky falling after spending most of the short coming off as some kind of paranoid conspiracy nut.

Cartoons cereal a music analysis

The premise of "Freddy Seymoure's Amazing Life" is that he spends the short telling outlandish and unbelievable stories, like being given a crown by an alien king as a reward for saving his planet by solving a giant puzzle sphere and beating a wrestler by tricking him into devouring his own body. When his dad asks him what happened to his tie and he answers that a monster ate it, it turns out that there actually is a monster ruining Freddy's dad's clothes, which implies that Freddy didn't make up his other stories either.

Katzeneisner orders Crusty to find the Feelers due to liking their music. Elmer Scrooge is seen throwing darts at a picture of Santa thumb-tacked to the wall of his prison cell while in jail at the end of the Super Santa short "Naughty". Mitzi Moth appears to get killed by bug spray in "The Feelers", but eventually comes back to life when Crusty plays the Feelers' recorded song in front of Mr.

Elmer Scrooge from the Super Santa short "Naughty" has a very obvious powdered wig on his head, which he ends up loosing after he's defeated and put in jail. Donut Mess with a Cop: Used for a joke in the Dan Danger short "A Date with Danger", where Dan is on a date with a female police officer and she is impressed when the dinner he orders for them turns out to be a plate of donuts.

It is also pointed out how cliche the stereotype of law enforcers liking donuts is. Mere Mortal" featured an orthodontist named Dr.

Tropes applying to Oh Yeah! Cartoons include:

Bolivar of the crew of alien dogs in "Planet Kate" is the largest and strongest of the group as well as the dumbest. In the short "Baxter and Bananas: Monkey See, Monkey Don't? The Dan Danger Show was a series of shorts about an adventurer hero who had a reputation of being able to survive dangerous encounters with wild animals, but in real life is a helpless coward who feared the most trivial of things.

The title character of the short "Planet Kate" has the surname Moon, as shown on the back of the map she drew for school that's taken by the alien dogs and in the end credits, but she is only ever called by her given name within the short. The title character of "Planet Kate" has a scene where she addresses the audience to explain how she has gotten involved with a group of alien dogs and is the only character in the short to acknowledge the fourth wall at all.

The Hobart shorts both involved Hobart ending up in a different world after being flushed down the toilet. George Jetson Job Security: In the Super Santa short "Naughty", Elmer Scrooge fires his butler for giving him a cup of tea with two sugars when he decided to have just one sugar instead at the last minute.

The Super Santa short "Naughty" had Elmer Scrooge, a descendant of Ebenezer Scroogetry to ruin Christmas for everyone by using gas to make all the children naughty solely because he grew to hate the holiday for Santa giving him coal all the time.

Here We Go Again! After the title character finally succeeds in getting his brain back in his head in "Max and his Special Problem", Max then ends up coughing up his heart.

With the exception of Rothgar, none of the alien dogs in the short "Planet Kate" have tails. The Goose Lady's rendition of Hansel and Gretel.Music Analysis Cartoons & Cereal “Now I was raised In a sandbox next to you and her You was holding the handgun, she was giving birth To a baby boy to be just like you, I wonder what that’s worth I-I wonder if you ever knew you were a role model to me first .

Mar 15,  · Contemporary canon: Kendrick Lamar’s “Cartoons & Cereal” Posted on March 15, by Calvin Pollak Kendrick Lamar’s “Cartoons & Cereal” (released about a month ago) is probably the best rap song I’ve heard so far this year.

American rapper Kendrick Lamar has released four studio albums, one compilation album, one extended play (EP), five mixtapes, 43 singles (including 30 as a featured artist), three promotional singles, and . The shmoo (plural: shmoon, also shmoos) is a fictional cartoon creature created by Al Capp (–79); the character first appeared in its classic comic strip Li'l Abner on August 31, The popular character has gone on to influence pop culture, language and even science.

Mar 22,  · kendrick lamar Cartoons and Cereal (feat. Gunplay) please sub me and pass this video on to others and there will be a give away and more will be posted thank. Music Analysis Cartoons & Cereal “Now I was raised in a sandbox next to you and her You was holding the handgun, she was giving birth To a baby boy to be just like you, I wonder what that’s worth I-I wonder if you ever knew you were a role model to me first You told me, ’Don’t be like me, just finish watching cartoons’ Which is funny because all I see is Wile E.

Coyotes in the.

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