Business plan seminar lehrstuhl prof. voigt

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Business plan seminar lehrstuhl prof. voigt

Marina Mikhaylova and Wolfgang Wagner, Hamburg Victor Tarabykin and Christian Rosenmund, Berlin Multimodal data science in the retina Chair: Martin Greschner, Oldenburg Ricarda Diem and Sarah Williams, Heidelberg Andreas Draguhn and Hannah Monyer, Heidelberg Rohini Kuner, Heidelberg Stefan Hallermann, Leipzig Posters B Odd serial numbers Even serial numbers Marc Spehr, Aachen Increasing evidence for glial heterogeneity Chairs: Coordination of innate behaviors by hypothalamic circuits Chairs: Mark Schnitzer and Arthur Konnerth, Munich Posters C Odd serial numbers Even serial numbers Petra Henrich-Noack, Ingolf E.

Falkai and Thomas G. Posters D Odd serial numbers Even serial numbers Eckhard Friauf, Kaiserslautern Ziele Die Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e. Sie versucht, forschungspolitische Schwerpunkte mit neurowissenschaftlicher Thematik zu setzen und neue Konzepte anzuregen.

Neurowissenschaftler aller Fachrichtungen aus Forschung und Industrie sind zu einem lebendigen Meinungsaustausch aufgefordert. Die Neurowissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e. NWG Vorstand der Amtsperiode - Petra Wahle Klinische Neurowissenschaften: Ricarda Diem Kognitive Neurowissenschaften: Hanspeter Mallot Molekulare Neurobiologie: P3 Thursday, March 23,9: Tierversuche verstehen provides information on the necessity of responsible animal research, which is characterised by making informed decisions for animal welfare, acknowledging the benefits of scientific knowledge for man and also developing and using alternative methods.

Tierversuche verstehen also challenges the claims, rethorics and actions of groups attempting to end use of animals in research and responds to media when the ethics and importance of research using animals is questioned.

Centrepiece of the initiative is the online platform www. This information event will provide an overview of the current situation regarding the use of animals in neuroscience research. The topics will include: Application and review procedures will be discussed and recent developments presented.

Doktorandenweiterbildung: Academic Writing Workshop

In addition to this workshop, appointments for individual consultations will be offered by the DFG Programe officers in the course of the meeting. For further information about individual appointments, please refer to the announcements that will be given on site.

This workshop will address two important elements of successful publication of scientific results in neuroscience. Helmut Kettenmann will cover the topic of manuscript preparation, emphasizing key features to be taken into consideration prior to submission.

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Heiko Luhmann will present the review process, and discuss how to adequately revise a manuscript in response to the comments of the reviewers and editors. Armin Schram, supports basic brain research since more than 15 years. The 5th Schram Foundation Symposium, traditionally held as a satellite event of the biennial meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, will present a selection of funded projects.

Two eminent keynote speakers will enrich the scientific program. Highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of modern neuroscience, the program will feature research spanning molecular, cellular, circuit and behavioral levels. The symposium will start with a keynote lecture by Matthijs Verhage Amsterdam NL about the trafficking and fusion of neurotransmitter vesicles critical for neuronal function and plasticity.

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This will be followed by contributions from five grant holders:»Das Grundübel der deutschen Ausländerpolitik liegt darin, daß seit den 50er Jahren eine Einwanderung stattgefunden hat, die zahlenmäßig im Verhältnis zur einheimischen Bevölkerung größer ist als die Einwanderung der Vereinigten Staaten«, konzidiert der Staatsrechtler Prof.

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Program 12th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society March 22 – 25, Blueprint for Exceptional Customer Service Since the inception of Fine Science Tools in , it has been our goal to provide the highest quality surgical and microsurgical instruments to meet your research needs.

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During this Bachelors-Seminar you will work in groups to design your own business plans. You will. develop a business idea and a product idea, apply your knowledge about incorporation, organization, production planning, and financial funding to writing a fictitious business plan.

Business plan seminar - basic Within this seminar, we focus on business ideas and markets.

business plan seminar lehrstuhl prof. voigt

Working in teams, the seminar participants develop their own business ideas, check the marketability by way of customer surveys and present their results clearly structured in a business plan.

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