A comparison of ford expedition and chevy tahoe in the sports utility vehicles industry

The new front end is clearly a Ford product, even Flike with its grille that extends out into the headlights. The straight lines along the side emphasize the length of the Expedition Max, which is considerable at The Expedition Max offers elbow room in every direction for all three rows of passengers. The third row is truly expansive and feels even more so with those big windows that offer unimpeded views.

A comparison of ford expedition and chevy tahoe in the sports utility vehicles industry

Race-style emergency fire extinguishers Custom embroidered and color matched Floor Mats Ultra-high quality Sound Systems that feature the finest high fidelity Speakers, and optional custom Subwoofer assembly with dedicated amplifier Furthermore, I also offer my selective clients a tremendous choice in additional, very significant performance, electronic, convenience, mechanical and cosmetic upgrade options that go far beyond the original design and capabilities of the Grand Wagoneer.

A comparison of ford expedition and chevy tahoe in the sports utility vehicles industry

These additional upgrades offer increased utility and convenience, better appearance, increased reliability, better performance and more comfort than was available originally, from the factory. Some of these performance and convenience upgrades available at an extra charge include: Every major mechanical component is new, has been professionally rebuilt, and has been adjusted, serviced and resealed.

Only the highest quality components are used and countless mechanical systems are upgraded in terms of performance and durability. Every square inch of their exteriors is new or professionally restored. And, the interiors are absolutely stunning all components either professionally restored or brand new using OEM or better quality materials.

As I just mentioned, prior to receiving my full, professional ground-up restoration, all of these vehicles were already well maintained and in very nice original condition.

But my business model is not to be a volume dealer who counts on quick turnover to make a fast profit.

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I do the same ultra high-end, super extensive, expertly performed full restorations on every Jeep that comes through my doors.

I don't just replace what is necessary at this moment, or what is obviously deficient right now. Every Grand Wagoneer in existence is at least 21 years old, and I believe that all of the work that I do will become necessary at some point in the near future in order for my clients to be able to continue to use their wonderful Grand Wagoneers as daily drivers and in order to keep them trouble-free, dependable and safe.

I am absolutely uncompromising in my selection criteria when purchasing the "donor" Jeeps that I hand-pick to perform a restoration on. Many of them are one or two owner vehicles with full records and very low original miles.

And, as you already know, they are all from the superior, late model, most evolved model years. I believe in starting with the best possible Jeep and then transforming it into a better vehicle than the factory was ever able to produce. When spending over a year and a half of labor time average 20 months and expending an enormous amount of effort, resources and money on a full, professional restoration at this quality level, it does not make sense to attempt to save thousand dollars only to end up with a sub-par or less than ideal donor.

The quality of the Jeep you start with will always be reflected in the quality of the finished, fully restored product. Although there are several retailers of Grand Wagoneers on the web, none that I have ever seen or heard of does a complete restoration, and certainly nothing even remotely close to my quality standards.

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The restoration of my Jeeps included everything that was necessary to make them look the way they did when they were new and just manufactured, and, to drive, perform and handle better than any new Grand Wagoneer ever did. None of the small but unbelievably time consuming and expensive details necessary to achieve this goal are overlooked.

A description of the work that is completed on my Jeeps is provided in the following text and pictures. The restoration of these beautiful woodies was a labor of true love, and I sincerely hope that they will make their new owners as happy to own and drive them as it made me to have the privilege of restoring them.

When you take delivery of your brand new, full, frame-up restoration, every inch of the exterior will be flawless. The body is completely straight and dent-less and without dings, scratches or occlusions.

There is absolutely no rust.Actually, the simple fact that both these vehicles are painted in the exact same shade of red wasn’t just a hilarious coincidence, but a testament at how similar these two sports utility vehicles are, given their respective differences.

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site a personal tribute dedicated to the finest American automotive creation in history: the wonderful Jeep Grand Wagoneer. My name is Norbert and it has been my mission to produce the highest quality, full, professional, ground-up restorations of Grand Wagoneers in the world, for over 15 years.

Jan 10,  · For , the entry-level Ford’s V-6 now displaces liters rather than the old , but the reduced cylinder bore was offset by a higher compression ratio ( versus ) and the.

The Expedition is all new for 2018 – but is it better than the Tahoe?

Chevrolet has many vehicles in its lineup, which can be categorized under sports utility vehicles. The latest addition to the list is Chevy Trailblazer.

A comparison of ford expedition and chevy tahoe in the sports utility vehicles industry

The vehicle is said to provide the best driving and riding experience within an affordable price range. Ford freshened up its large-and-in-charge Expedition for the model year.

In doing so the three-row SUV shed just a few hundred pounds, and gained a new EcoBoost V6 in the process. Plenty of Ford vehicles heading to SEMA. The Ford Expedition and F models are getting more power and improved fuel efficiency. 4runner, accord, avalon, Chevrolet, chevy.

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